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Rose Club, Mayfair, London

Wed, 13/06/2012 - 13:39 -- rob
Rose Club

In November 2011 Rose Club in Mayfair opened its doors. A lighting spectacular and sound tour de force meets guests as they descend into the basement venue. The walls and ceiling are formed from a 1 meter square grid of high power tri-colour LED strips pixel mapped and controlled via Showcad and Archaos whilst the sound system is a custom designed Funktion One speaker system.

The venue is designed by Rob Angel whist the show stopping sound and lighting is the brainchild of F1 Sound Company Limited Director Matt Bate who explains, ‘The operators wanted something special. LED has been done a lot recently but I wanted to take it to another level, the intensity of the Chauvet Color Band Tri was impressive, but I decided we needed to step it right up so I specified around 200 fixtures. Now the intensity knocks you off your feet.’

Matt continues, ‘We had to run 16 universes of DMX so the whole control system runs on Artnet, allowing us to use either Archaos or Showcad to run the light show depending on the kind of effect we want.’ A touch screen and midi controller on a gas arm in the DJ booth allows either the DJ or an LJ to control the system.

Image: Media Server and Showcad PC under test with Luminex Artnet interfaces.

Designing an immersive high intensity pixel mapped light grid was just not enough for Rose Club so F1Sound Company Limited approached the Funktion One factory with a new concept for the sound system. Whilst a Resolution 2 was the preferred product for the job, Matt felt that in its full enclosure it would appear too large and the low frequency extension of the 15” LF section was not required. What Matt wanted was a Resolution 2 mid high, coupled to the punchy and efficient 12” low mid of a Resolution 4/5. Funktion One were happy to oblige and 4 'Special Production' R2D12s were produced. Coupled with 4 21” subs in the dance podiums along with FFA amplification and X04 processors this system is one of our best. It’s augmented in the VIP and seating areas with F81s and F101s but it’s in front of the DJ booth where the R2D12s, although diminutive in their appearance, really get the party going.

Since opening in 2011, Rose has won London Club and Bar Awards Best New Boutique Club 2012.

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