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F1 Sound Company Keep the Big Men from Russia Happy

Sun, 29/07/2007 - 12:00 -- rob
Global Gathering 2007

At Global Gathering 2007 Angel Music Group’s commitment to innovation and quality was evidenced by the most impressive Global Gathering Festival to date. The mainly sun-blessed event featured several new terraces, a new gigantic inflated balloon tent and a unique VIP viewing platform that overlooked the main Radio 1 Stage.

A sight that drew a lot of attention at this year’s festival was the looming positive pressure dome, a new tent concept that has the appearance of a gigantic blow-up balloon. This Sputnik arena was fitted with revolving doors to ensure it was kept airtight and inflated at all times. Sputnik Vodka were the main sponsors at this year’s event and the responsibility of keeping the big men from Russia happy fell to F1 Sound Company, and with the challenging acoustics in the Arcstream AV ArcSphere, the amazing and unique positive pressure dome structure chosen for the Sputnik launch pad, they had their work cut out.

F1 Sound Company deployed their trademark Funktion One Dance Stack system for the Sputnik tent, combined with a Resolution Four monitor system, and the results certainly won the approval of all including the headline big man from Russia, DJ Spy.der. Matt Bate of F1 Sound Company explains how to keep a Russian Vodka distiller and all their friends happy: ‘We put in the right system for the job, it just works, right out of the box and people just know it’s going to be an awesome system when they walk into the tent and see it, I don’t think we disappointed anyone!’

Coupled with XTA processing and MC2 amplification, all under the Funktion One badge the guys at F1 Sound Company have turned a product designed specifically for the reproduction of dance music into a one of a kind ‘touring’ system, Matt explains: ‘Because Funktion One conceived this product to be installed into clubs there is no other system of its kind in the Western World available to hire, it presents many challenges to take on the road but we have proved it’s possible and hassle free. With further minor development we foresee it will be deployed as easily as a standard ground stacked modular PA system, and I know which option I would take to my party!’

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